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Nordic Recruitment is a London-based recruitment agency that connects Nordic speaking talent with U.K. companies.

We provide a personalised service that walks applicants through the recruitment process from start to finish, from the initial search to interviews and final selection. Our competency-based recruitment process and industry experience gives us the expert knowledge to confidently match applicants with potential employers.

Recruitment that leaves nothing to chance.

Our recruitment services:

  • Full-service recruitment

  • Advertising and candidate selection

  • Psychometric testing

The right person for the role

Recruitment is about more than just making a match, it’s about making the right match! Good recruitment takes into account the candidate’s personality, skills and potential, as well as the employer’s specific needs and brand culture. Our recruitment process is personalised and strategic, creating the conditions for successful long-term placements. When we’re recruiting, we guarantee a tailor-made service for every client, and It’s important to us that both the employers and candidates we work with have a positive experience. Our competency-based method means we don’t need to rely on “gut feelings”, or bias, but make our selections based on knowledge of what the candidate can offer. This reduces the risk of unhappy placements and leads to successful matches. 


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